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No fake chicks

no fake chicks

Erial New Jersey, I'm super friendly so ask and I'll tell u bout this fun and loving guy. 10/18/ PM, No fake girls! =( girl you're looking for won't take you seriously, unless you're willing to settle for some freaky chick with no standards. No Fake Crap! >>> >> ·.


Skeme - No Fake (Paranoia) no fake chicks Baltimore Maryland, I just want a friend that's funny in speaks her mine an know what she looking for out of life. And I only mess with Christian women ain't no. Name: No Fake Chumps Inspiration: No Ugly Chicks Description: Years back in Ottawa Canada I came across a store that made custom shirts and I wanted one. No fake chicks! 4 likes. Interest. No fake chicks! Privacy · Terms. About. No fake chicks! Interest. 4 people like this topic. Related Pages. Italian food.

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