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Is queefing good

is queefing good

I need to know, I'm freaking out, my boyfriend and I were having sex.. and we don' t have sex often either but.. anyway.. is it bad? When it happened, he didn't. Ok, how do you(men) feel about queefing? Ok, so It's normal after a good pounding. . Queefing: the sound of a good pounding during sex. Sex tips for queefing, odor, and falling asleep during the act. Welp, good luck, my friend. This is a conversation that NO ONE likes to have.

Is queefing good - curiosity

Don't worry about it. Yes, nuru massage long island sound a little silly, but there's nothing mortifying about. Of course if it really does bother you, then try varying the angle until to find one that works for both of you. The article deff helped but im also still not cool with the whole queefing thing. Your email address will not be published. Reply Yes My lady does QUEEF and i enjoy it cause it shows of how deep and manly chat cam like omegle getting it. I Ate Weed Pho and Ended Up in Tijuana with Tammy. is queefing good Let's face it, queefing happens. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that it's NOT a fart. Thanks, South Park. Here’s what you’ve got to know about what you may have, up until now, thought of as vagina farts. Queefing is the result of a trapped pocket of air getting pushed out of your vagina. It often occurs during sex, when a penis going in and out of a vagina can displace the air. I queefed so loud while my boyfriend was on top. And we just laughed it off. But what does it mean to queef? I know its basically your vagina.

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