03 September 2010

Dress Code in Full Affect on all Military Installations, to Include Civilians! Too Much Govt. Control?

Folks, never before in all my time living on base or going on and off have I ever witnessed this Dress Code Policy.  This has been in affect for sometime just not enforced, but all of sudden now, they are going to begin enforcing it.  I have attached a copy of the dress code policy.  It fairly harmless and probably within each of our standards for the most part.  However, it is simply the mere fact that they will be implementing regulation of this policy.  They will literally tell patrons, civilians, and all to leave the establishment if they are not in compliance with the dress code policy.  This policy includes cut-off jeans, clothing with tears or rips, and halter tops.  As astonishing as it may seem, I am even in shock they will be enforcing the pants above the rear policy.  No more SAGGING!  While I can stand to see the gansta sag, I can't imagine "forcing" someone to not sport it if they so desire.  Maybe this might seem innocent to you, but I have to say, this gives me a strange feeling that I have to be so concerned with a dress code before entering Hunter.  Just highlight a few: "NO offensive or disparaging remarks or statements
about the U.S. Government or DoD
No hair curlers or rollers
unless covered with a scarf, No soiled, stained, torn, or cut clothing, shorts, short skirts, halter tops or swimsuits (except at pools).

Please review the policy if you ever go onto Hunter so that you are not caught breaking the rules and turned away.

USAG-FS/HAAF Policy Memorandum #13 (12 Mar 10), Standards of Dress and Prohibited Attire for Fort Stewart / Hunter Army Airfield outlines the installation’s dress code

Policy applies to all Soldiers, Civilians, Family Members, retired military members, contractors, and other personnel who visit or work in any US Army facility or work site at Fort Stewart & Hunter

Dress Code for all patrons of FS/HAAF Garrison facilities, tenant facilities, and dining facilities ensures a standard exists for all facilities

Individuals failing to meet prescribed dress standards will be refused admittance to facilities located within the USAG-FS/HAAF installations

Sponsors are responsible for the appearance, attire, and conduct of their Family Members, who are expected to conform to acceptable standards.
Dress Policy

What NOT to Wear

No trousers or shorts sagging below the
underwear line, or cut-off shorts with
visible pocket linings. No soiled, stained,
torn, or cut clothing

No headgear related to
gang activity

No hair curlers or rollers
unless covered with a scarf

No clothing depicting drugs, obscene, sexually
suggestive, vulgar, or distasteful language, or
offensive or disparaging remarks or statements
about the U.S. Government or DoD

No see-through garments, exposed midriffs,
clothing that exposes undergarments, short-
shorts, short skirts, halter tops or swimsuits
(except at pools)


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